Use LR or Aperture??

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Re: Use LR or Aperture??


I think you will like it. Aperture also has very nice and somewhat smart auto curves, as well as auto-levels functions that LR does not appear to have, at least not in version 3. They are very good and you can use the auto function on luminance alone or on the RGB channels with a single click, or by "stamping" (pasting) the effect. They save a lot of time and mostly produce better results automatically. You set the threshold in preferences. This again saves a lot of time. The nicest thing is, if you "stamp" paste the auto effect, it recalculates itself automatically for each image, and does not give you numbers from the previous photograph, although you can "stamp" them fixed as well if you need to.

I don't have the latest version of Aperture because it requires Lion, and I'm still on Snow Leopard for legacy reasons, but the new version promises face-detection based auto-exposure, and auto white balance. I'd be really curious to find out how these two work.

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