New sony FF mirrorless ?

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Re: costs more than a new 5dMKll with the kit lens.

well said T3, I would buy this camera in a sec if I could afford it.

T3 wrote:

DenWil wrote:

with a fraction of the functionality- but it's smaller, ooooh I'm all tingly ...I've concluded everyone on this forum is a feeble senior citizen the way they are intimidated by a 24oz camera body. A gallon of milk must be life threatening.

Grow up, dude. There are plenty of people who have the money to buy these cameras, but don't want to look like a nerd lugging around a big FF DSLR. Heck, there will be people who have FF DSLRs, and they'll still buy the RX1 for those times when they don't want to lug their FF DSLR.

If you're some successful exec who has a few nice cars, a couple nice homes, travels first class, and appreciates nice cameras, yeah, I can definitely see how this camera is going to be a lot more attractive than carrying a Canon 5D MKII with equally large 35mm full frame lens when you're taking a quick trip to New York.

So it's not about being a "feeble senior citizen". Sometimes, a FF DSLR is just out of place and overly large. Heck, even an APS-C DSLR can be overly large sometimes. I see people carrying around these cameras all the time, and I think, "Hey, you're not shooting a wedding."

You also have to understand that larger cameras are inevitably much more conspicuous. Even APS-C DSLRs can be quite conspicuous. If you're a street shooter, and like to keep a low profile, a camera like the RX1 is awesome!

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