Canon USA: firware 2.0 update by mid sept for Canon 7D

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Re: Canon USA: firware 2.0 update by mid sept for Canon 7D

Yes, mine did that also. I left it at 1 min. for the APO, and had no problem today, but it must be some really random thing. I may try my 16GB kingston card tomorrow to see if it locks up, but then it may still be something else.

riknash wrote:
Was your symptoms the same as;

"Then it did lock-up. I switched it off... nothing. Power stayed on, and I had to pop the battery to get it to go off. "??
This description is the same as what I experienced.

It would be great if someone found a reliable method to duplicate the circumstances that causes it to freeze-up.

borno wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

borno wrote:

I didn't think mine was affected until I got the freeze up today. I probably shot a bit over a thousand since v2.0 and only had a couple random CF errors which cleared by turning off the camera and reinstalling the card (kingston 16GB 266X) I don't know if it is related, but the 7d froze up today (with the kingston) and I had to remove the battery. I continued with a sandisc ultra 8GB without any more problems. I didn't doubt there were some with problems, and now I know. I'm still glad to have a bigger buffer and look forward to the fix.

Was your Auto Power set to one minute?

Have you changed it to 2 minutes or more?

apo was at default of 1 min., but I also don't think it was a factor because I was actively using it when it froze and I don't think I paused for that long, but I'm not positive. I'm going to leave it at 1 min. and try with the 8GB ultra card and see what happens.

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