Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

Please don't misunderstand - I have no intention of debating the good offices of the CPS. My question was quite literal - what level of evidence is needed for the CPS (or the police) to require that the individual arrested report back at a later date, perhaps observing certain conditions of release. I will assume that failure to so report or failure to observe those conditions would be a separate crime, perhaps leading to his arrest and hold on remand.

I imagine that simple concern or idle speculation is far from enough but I don't have any idea what is required. The terms "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause" can be defined, more or less, but "concern" left me puzzled.

phill104 wrote:

'concerns' depends on the case in question. In this one we can only speculate. My point was trying to explain to the non UK contributors to this thread how things are supposed to work here. Quite different the the way things are in parts of the US.

This thread just feels a little 'Daily Mail*' reactionary. Unless we know all the facts then no point speculating.

insert your local reactionary middle class comic.

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