What does the X stand for in product names?

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Re: What does the X stand for in product names?

Back when, in the late 1940s and 1950s, America built and tested some very advanced aircraft. All had X-names, for Experimental. The X-1 broke the sound barrier; the X-15 flew to the edge of space. As noted in an above post, product martketing people jumped right on this -- adding X to a otherwise-boring tube of toothpaste implied 'right stuff' quality.

There was a slight interruption in the X parade after one of our domestic revolutionaries, Malcolm X, chose the letter as a way to dump his old slavemaster last name. But he died, and the Air Force kept making X-planes, and X became locked in as a way to infer that your product is advanced, fast, the latest thing. Although there are probably a few aging guys, like moviemaker Spike Lee, who use the X as symbol of their struggle against racism, or whatever.

X. As I'm writing this, there's an ad toward the top-right of the Dp screen. An ad with a big X, and the words 'The xx Coexist'. Apparently for an album we can order, at $9.99.

But today, I'm looking at K. As in Pentax's K-5 II, but the one without the AA filter. Very curious if that makes it better for landscape photos!
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