70-200 VR II F.2.8 +1.4 TC or 300 f4 which do you recommend Pl help!!!

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Re: 70-200 VR II F.2.8 +1.4 TC or 300 f4 which do you recommend Pl help!!!

stadimiri wrote:

hi guys

My interest is mainly wild life,birding and landscapes.i shoot with Nikon D300 + nikon 300 f 4+14.tc and 16-85, tokina 11-16 for landscapes

i am seriously considering switching to 70- 200 VR II f2.8 + 1.4 TC instead because
1. better range especially shooting large mammals and large BIF

2.i understand that the IQ of this lens is uperb

Personally I much prefer the images I get with my 70-200 VR II to those produced by my 300mm f/4 AF-S. That being said, I would never consider the 70-200 VR for wildlife or birding. Then again, I'm not to keen on using TC's.

3. VRII is very helpful in my shaking hands

4 i am told that this lens gives great results even with 1.7 TC and the new 2.0 version 3 Tc please advise.

I saw many glowing reviews of the 70-200 VR II with TC 20 III combination which encouraged me to try it out on my own lens. I was sorely disappointed with the results. Don't forget that you are adding many complex glass elements in front of your lens so a performance hit is to be expected (loss of detail, loss of contrast and saturation). You will have to try this combination yourself to decide if that performance loss is acceptable to you.

thanks in advance


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