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Rumored Sony RX1: 35mm non-zoom, fixed lens, & no viewfinder

Robsphoto wrote:

asdf photographer wrote:

The fixed lens is most questionable. However, I'm sure the image quality will be amazing and if there is one thing photographers are universally attracted to....

Sounds very interesting, I wonder how many megapixels? Perhaps Sony will go easy on megapixels this time and have only 24mp or 36mp? Then we would have a great low light / high ISO camera as well as a camera that can capture great detail.

So, what would be the maximum megapixels that you would expect for a camera of this type?

It's interesting to note that, if the 24.6 megapixel full frame Sony A900 / A850 had the same pixel density as the amazing new 20.2mp Sony RX100, it would have about 148 megapixels, as shown here:


I see that Sony Alpha Rumors has now stated that the rumored full frame Sony RX1 will use the same 24 Megapixel sensor as the Sony A99.

I think the idea of a 35mm non-zoom, non-changeable lens, is the main problem with this camera from my point of view. Also, I much prefer a viewfinder rather than just an LCD screen when composing pictures.

David Kilpatrick has addressed these issues in a very good article he has written about the RX1. He suggests that he would expect to see both 0.7X wide angle and 1.5X tele lens converters for this camera. It may also be possible to add a viewfinder and other accessories:

If the 35mm focal length can be extended by tele lens converters and a “clear image zoom” function, then this would make the camera more attractive to me. I doubt whether many photographers would like the idea of taking all their images at 35mm, even if the images are large enough, and clear enough, to make substantial crops and still get reasonable sized prints from the crops.


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