p7700 full review

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Re: German Review

Nikonworks wrote:

Mirfak wrote:

jimr wrote:

Wondering if new firmware will be in the initially shipped cameras.

I won't consider this camera if they don't fix the serious performance issues mentioned in the review (slow shutter lag, slow AF, slow write times).

FYI Nikon does not include any of these three issues in their cameras.

You made a judgement on something that is not measurable at the moment.

Why not wait for the camera's release and formal review of a production model?

Yes, I have my pre-order in and can't wait.

The only way to know if, and the extent that these issues are addressed, is via new software.

These issues bug me far more than the lack of an OVF (come to think of it, the lack of an OVF doesn't bug me at all!)

These sound like the same issues that the P7000 had when released. Bad.

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