D800 - no built in AC adapter socket??

Started Feb 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
radar80 New Member • Posts: 6
Re: D800 - no built in AC adapter socket??

Hi Again

Thanks for the reply, but i can not really tell wether it is my post or Williams post you are refering to.

Anyway, i’m not very good at all these tech terms, but now i have measured on first the Nikon Batt. and also the power adapter and there is a big difference in what the pins are outputting. Check the pictures.

The intersting part is the Battery is outputting both 7 volt AND 3 volt on different pins.
And the Power adapter is ONLY outputting 7 volt 

(just for info the first pictures with the 8,4 volt mark is not true, I have regulated it down to 7 volt)


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