Sony A99 only 24 megapixel? What happen to 30+ megapixel?

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Re: Sony A99 only 24 megapixel? What happen to 30+ megapixel?

Down with pixel nazis. Weren't some of these same people announcing just a few years ago how no one really needed more than 5 megapixels? Now we don't need more than 24.

Please stop telling the rest of us what we need or don't need.

As for me, if Sony's next FF camera offers the same 25 megapixels as my current Sony FF camera, I absolutely will jump ship to Nikon. I don't want to. I can't really afford to. But Sony will have proven beyond all doubt that they are a dead end and the longer I keep my A900, the faster it will lose value. It is already obsolete.

I can't believe Sony can be this dense. Surely the new sensor will be in the 35-50 range.

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