Bride probably dead -- was being photographed on waterfall

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Re: Ultimate unfairness

John Koch wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

The real problem is that news (TV and paper) is in such a rush to get a story 'exclusive' or first to air that they ignore the truth and don't bother checking or confirming 'facts'

Please show at least some mercy to the person who did not foresee or witness the full event, but who people expect to recount the full sequence without error.

No, I won't show mercy - these people are trusted to deliver truth in news to the nations.

People automatically believe what they read in a newspaper and see on the TV news.. bad reporting makes it lies (maybe deliberate, maybe not)

If the details can't be confirmed then they should not be used.

If I told you you had XYZ disease and you went to the doctor's and he prescribed based on that, he deserves to be struck off - always check the data, check the story.

OK, it's just news, it's not important - but these people can change the opinions of voters, create a recession where none existed before, ruin whole lives and careers...

What if it was a James MadeUpName who was convicted of paedophilia, not the John MadeOffName who was reported? So waht if they issue a retraction - John's life is fuucked!

NO.. no mercy - either get it right or don't publish it at all!

Three strike/year rule - make three mistake in a year and you're banned from reporting for rest of the year, or even a whole year! THAT would make them make sure of the story details!

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