Hi, I want to know about Kodak DCS 14n or 14 c

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John W.
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There is no 14c

The Kodak 14N (N for Nikon 'F' mount) was released in 2002. There was no Canon mount version.

The SLR/N (N for Nikon 'F' mount) and SLR/C (C for Canon 'EF' mount) were released in 2004. The main differences are new sensor and sensor filter, new electronics, larger buffer and improved power management The SLR/C is a different body design based on the Sigma SD camera but sharing the same sensor and electronics as the SLR/N.

Kodak also offered an upgrade service for the 14N with the SLR/N sensor, electronics and buffer. This was known as the 14NX.
John W

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