Long exposures with D800E

Started Sep 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jan Morales Regular Member • Posts: 335
MC-36 and Exposure Delay Mode work great together

Marianne Oelund wrote:

There is one feature missing from these units, however: Mirror-up compatibility.

I have found that with the MC-36, Single Frame Mode (mode dial S) and Exposure Delay Mode (custom setting d4) does exactly what I want with regard to mirror up.

I can press the remote release, the mirror will come up, the camera will wait the specified number of seconds of exposure delay (I usually pick 3 seconds), and then the shutter will make the exposure. If I'm doing a bulb exposure, I can either lock the remote release and time the exposure myself, or I can set the timer in the remote release, adding 3 seconds to the exposure time in the remote to account for the exposure delay. In either case, Exposure Delay Mode will delay the exposure after mirror up.

I can even do a bracketed sequence of exposures using the remote release and mirror up. Program the bracket sequence you want, put the camera in Continuous High Speed Mode (mode dial Ch) and Exposure Delay Mode, and then lock the remote release to start the sequence. The camera will take the sequence of shots, raising the mirror and delaying the exposure for each exposure in the sequence. When the sequence is complete the camera will stop and you can unlock the remote release.

Works great. I never set Mup on the mode dial anymore.

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