S100 after 2nd repair

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The range of serial numbers in the advisory could very well just be the numbers that Canon has serviced with the problem. The reason no later numbers were listed may be because the later manufactured cameras may not have yet reached their failure point (X number of photos, or X amount of lens retractions?) Canon has been known in the past to just add additional serial ranges to their product advisories without making big announcements that they've updated the list.

My fear is that I will get a failure every couple thousand photos. I am not looking forward to having to have the camera repaired a 3rd time. I've enjoyed using it, it has captured some memorable moments, but it has also made me miss some (especially when it had a focusing issue after the 1st repair).

Whenever I see my battery indicator running low, I change to my spare right away. I used to use the battery well into the last bar or until I got a change battery message. But, I recall reading a post in this forum about someone who had heard from a Canon rep that a low battery could be a cause for the Lens Error.

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