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Press Correspondent wrote:

Zeiss has announced an upcoming range of AF mirrorless lenses. No specific format was mentioned. In turn, Sony is expected to release a full frame mirrorless body, abeit with a fixed Zeiss lens for now to skim the market. Mirrorless lenses are essentially the rangefinder design not limited by the mirror box. Who has a full line of full frame ranngefinder lenses, Leica, Zeiss, who else? With Leica pricing itself out of the competition, is there a Zony (Zeiss + Sony) conspiracy to take over the world with full frame mirrorless next year taking market share away from Canon and Nikon DSLRs?

Mirrorless range finder lenses have their own limitations.... especially the missing mirror box making the flange distance very short poses different problems.

The short flange distance causes no problems. Having a short register does not mean that the exit pupil has to be close to the image plane, lough having a long one more or less does mean that it has to be far away.

Wouldn't a pancake lens have a fairly close pupil? That, combined with the size of a FF sensor, wouldn't you get some significant light falloff in the corners, not to mention bleedover from adjacent color filters (aka iPhone)? I recall the M8 used a specially design microlens array to mitigate this and I thought this was one reason why they didn't go FF.

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