Best Camera for Website Product Photography

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Here's what I use...

I shoot product for a living (Cell phone accessories) and here's what works for me.

I shoot with a Canon Xsi DSLR and a Tamron 60mm macro lens at f22 mounted to a Manfrotto 3221 w/a 3030 3D head. I shoot tethered using Canon EOS Utilities which comes included with every Canon DSLR software disc. This allows me a live full screen preview on my worksation monitor and allows me to overlay a grid pattern for compositional repeatability.

I used a Color Checker Passport to dial in in-camera white balance and also create a camera specific ACR profile for developing my RAW files for maximum color accuracy of product. Since my lighting is fixed I only had to do this once. I then open my RAW files directly into Photoshop CS6ext to create my final comps.

On occasion I switch from the company's XSi (12.2mp) to my personal T2i (18.0mp) when I must shoot something with a very fine glitter/metal flake finish which seems to better retain the sparkle even after resizing to my final web size of 500 x 500 pixels.

In addition I utilize ACD See Pro as my preferred image organizer and viewer.

In my opinion Lightroom falls short in this application as I cannot have Live full screen preview whilst shooting tethered as I have with EOS utilities and I don't develope or edit any of my element shots before compositing in CS6.

Don't forget to have fun.

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