PLEASE HELP D3100, D3200 or D5100

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Re: PLEASE HELP D3100, D3200 or D5100

digitalization wrote:
Some observations regarding the 3 different models.

The D3100 and D5100 are a generation behind in sensor technology, does not mean that they are bad sensors thought.

The D3200 will mean more pixels, meaning you end up with larger file sizes to work with, if you want to print REALLY big that might be worth it though.

The D5100 has a fully articulated screen which comes in handy when you don't want to get down in the mud or climb a stepladder to get your shot. The D3100 also has a 230k dot screen which is less handy for preview than the 921k dot screen of the D3200 and D5100.

All the models have a not-so-nice optical pentamirror viewfinder (D7000 already has a brighter pentaprism but is more expensive).

All models seem to have the same built-in flash unit, and none of them are capable of commander mode (ability to control external flash units without extra gadgets). Again, see D7000 for commander mode capability.

D5100 is the only one that has bracketing capability, convenient to have but isn't really a dealbreaker.
D3100 can reach 3fps, others can do 4fps, not a really big gap here.


Note: i've got personal experience with older D5000 and the D7000 bodies and i'd urge you to look to the D7000 especially now that the price seems to have come down more, it's a step up from the 3k and 5k series and will have better keeper rate than the others: better build quality and more options (faster fps rate, commander mode, etc.)

Out of the three you've chosen, i'd go with D5100, mainly because of the fully articulated screen (i really don't like being face down in the mud/snow for the low angle shots).

Lenswise, if you can't be bothered with carrying stuff around and swapping lenses, get the 18-105mm, it's a pretty good kit lens considering the price and the focal range. If you definitely want a tele then 18-55mm + 55-200mm is a decent enough combination. None of the lenses are real keepers though and you may soon find yourself wanting for a set of F2.8 zooms and F1.4 primes

Given everything, i'd go with:

Product code: 5266227
Nikon D5100 Digital SLR with 18-105mm VR Lens

Is the D7000 really that worth it? Amazon has a deal right now and it's awfully tempting. I have the money for it, but I'd rather not spend it when I can get the D5100 for pretty cheap right now. The twin card slot seems also like an alluring feature.

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