Mako....Ray.... it's your fault! :-)

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Sorry, Mack….my mistake :-(

GMack wrote:

Edmund17 wrote:

.... BTW: Mack is super-jealous because my 70-200 box is newer and prettier than the "older" box he has in plain view on his living room coffee table


What box on what table?

I get rid of them "gold boxes" Fast and buried into the bottom of the trashcan else the lol will figure I've been bad with the credit cards (again), plus I might have to live in one if she sees or finds one. Hasn't figured out why the main gear bag has grown in size - yet. Thinks I've been 'consolidating' all the other 15 bags I guess. Good thing she cannot log into MyNikon.

And yes. It is all Ray's fault. I take no responsibility for my actions and blame him 100%.


I was talking about Mako……… but you see…’s also your fault ...all those giant menacing modify tripod you show us here…!!........ we are getting nervous…

Now I’m in a bad position here…… nobody knew about Mako displaying his gear and now my wife is ordering me to remove my 70-200 box from the front of our living room big plasma TV

Anyway, the fact that Mako is taking lessons about how to handle the D4 is 100% Ray’s fault

..I’m just trying to sell my 2 PCs and my iPad to buy a carrying case for the 70-200


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