Not happy with Panasonic 12-35

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Re: You've Got to be Kidding!

Just looked at slrgear's 12-35mm test.

Yowsa. Here's how the 12-35mm, stopped down to its sharpest aperture for each focal length (always f4), compared to each m43 prime (at its sharpest aperture) in its focal length range on slrgear's blur index field maps:

Basically, on this test it looks like for across the field resolution, only the 12mm has a imperceptable edge over the 12-35mm. The 12-35mm is on a par with the 25mm, edges out the 14mm and 20mm, and is way sharper (like every other m43 prime) than the 17mm.

The slrgear test for the 12-35mm use the 16 mp GX1 vs the 12 mp EP-1 used in the tests of the primes, which undoubtedly gives it a slight unfair advantage. But still, that sort of across the image circle sharpness is unheard of among m43 zooms, even the (best prior to date) 7-14mm.

Looks like I may be $1100 poorer (I might just keep the 25 for concert/candlelit shooting, my only prime so far).

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