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Re: The OM2 didn't have these capabilities.

Thanks for all the helpful replies. The fact is that sometimes, other things take precedence over your camera time. I did go over the menus quite thoroughly when I purchased the camera and spent several weeks laboring over the details of the camera's operation until I finally was comfortable with it. Then other things intruded that made it impossible for me to spend time with the camera and I simply forgot some of the actual steps necessary for entering the diverse sections of the menu. I never had similar problems with my D-7000, despite time lapses in its usage. And I really don't see why the actual pushing of the set button and all the other buttons on the camera was not sufficient to turn off that blinking exposure compensation scale that appeared on the button of the display. When all is said and done, that's what caused me to write this post. Incidentally, I love the actual photographs that I can make with the camera, and don't regret not having to carry the heft of the D-7000 and attendant lenses around with me.

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