Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

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Re: Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

We use a lot of different photo gear at work, so either I check it out if we have it (nice stockpile), or I request that it is purchased. Sometimes we rent as well in the off chance that we don't have what we need and are not sure yet if its worth purchasing.

Anyhow, I get to use all the latest and greatest DSLR stuff, however, when I chose a camera to purchase just for my personal use, it was the X100, then the X Pro 1, and will soon be the XE1.

I know its not the same as selling all one's DSLR stuff, but I thought it may work on the same principle. For work, our photos are much more utilitarian than artistic. High resolution and the ability to crop very tight sometimes are most important. The D800E has come in VERY handy there as well as some new digital zoom tech we are working with.

But when it comes to flat out IQ and making gorgeous images that I love, I chose Fuji all the way. It would still be nice to get some of that DSLR speed, and maybe the gap will be closing a little soon, but I guess it all depends on what you're shooting.

Best of luck with your decision.

adumas wrote:

I currently own a Nikon D700 + 24-70 + grip + flash SB900.

It make great pictures and I'm more than happy with it but carrying 4 to 5 kilos of gear everywhere every time is really not ideal and I've been thinking of selling my whole kit to buy a X-Pro 1 + lenses.

Has anyone else on the forum done the same and if so do you regret it?

I tried the X-Pro 1 yesterday, obviously without the latest firmware. AF was really slow but the pictures were stunning.

I mainly take portraits, landscapes. No street but with something light like this I could try.

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