GF5 vs. GX1 - What to Choose, $100 Difference.

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GF5 vs. GX1 - What to Choose, $100 Difference.

I'm looking for a small camera that I can travel with, and this will be my first m43 Camera. For reference, I currently use a Canon SLR and prefer shooting with fast primes (hardly ever use a flash).

I'm looking for something portable, and significantly smaller than an SLR. m43 appealed to me as there are multiple choices for smallish fast primes (something that appears to be lacking on the Sony side).

Right now i'm torn between the GX1 and GF5. I can purchase the GX1 for about $70 more than the GF5, both with the hit 14-42mm lens which will probably not see much use. I'll likely look at purchases two primes.

I'm looking for feedback on whether to pick the GX1 or GF5 or something else. $70 doesn't seem like much more considering the better sensor, but i'm also concerned about portability, size and weight of the GX1 vs GF5. If it's too large, then I can just lug along the SLR. I'm mainly looking for something small / high quality for times when i'd prefer to be discreet or don't want to carry more than what can go in a small bag.

Any recommendations either way, or are there other cameras I haven't considered. So far this is what i'm come up with:

Sony NEX Series - APS-C but too large as there don't appear to be many smallish fast prime lenses

Canon EOS-M - Too expensive especially with the adapter

Nikon J series - Similar pricing to Panasonic with no upside

Sony RX100 - Too much money for a smallish sensor with less flexibility than m43

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 Sony RX100
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