how to smoothen the focusing ring of legacy lenses?

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Re: how to smoothen the focusing ring of legacy lenses?

Carlgo wrote:

The two excellent preceding posts are a warning that old lenses should hopefully be tested before you buy, or where there is a good return policy. A fun old lens that you get cheap is not such a good deal if you have to spend a hundred bucks or more to fix it. And cheap fixes are usually just sort of ok at best.

Expensive old lenses, say a Leica, is less of a problem because the lens is always going to be worth a lot of money and a professional repair is just a fraction of its value.

yep, my thoughts exactly.

I think I've been lucky though, because I got a whole bunch of stuff for a very low price (and did my research earlier).

I don't even actually think the lens is worth opening up, the problem is so minimal that I would only go for an easy solution. it's not worth spending so much money for such a little improvement (if any).

It's certainly true, though, that the stuff I bought had been unused for a very long time. unfortunately, while the 24/2.8 and 135/2.5 had their own cases, the 57 was with the SLR in its case, which I think was less isolating than the lens cases.

also, the 57 is the early EE version, which makes me think that it's probably more than 40 years old. Given the condition of the glass, I think it's been unused for most of the time. No mold, very clear, just a few bits of dust. and of course the yellow tint, which by the way gave me zero problems with the nex7. auto wb works fine. I'm definitely going to use this lens more than it's been used for the past decades. I'm not going to miss my EF 85/1.2 II so much after all ;-D

so thank you all for the advice, very informative indeed.

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