A gesture of love and care

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Katie Piecrust
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Re: A gesture of love and care

Very well done! Excellent composition, exposure, tonal range, with a clear message and a great feel overall. My only criticism would be the areas where you did your cloning, primarily on the right hand side of the photograph.

You have quite a lot of clearly visible repeating patterns. It's easy to get carried away with cloning the already cloned bits which is what causes this. With a bit more effort it shouldn't be too difficult to break up these patterns, making it much less obvious any cloning was done. Zooming in and working at the pixel level with the paint brush and eye dropper tools is all that's really required (plus a bit of patience of course).

If you're using Photoshop, the patch tool can also help since it usually does a pretty good job of matching tones (though not always). Your looking at probably a half an hours work, one hour at most. Do that and I would consider it not only finished, but also more than good enough to win if you entered it into photography contests.

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