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Re: to Dennis

I've been really looking at the difference between those two lenses. I like my 70-300, but the results I see from the 50-200 are amazing (granted there may be some "grass is always greener" effect).

I noticed the 50-200 is physically larger than the 70-300 (9" long as opposed to 6"). At first this seemed irrational, but then I noticed the 50-200 has 2 more elements than the 70-300, and a faster aperture. I guess in the end that makes a huge difference.

I'm wanting to partner up an EC20 with the 70-300, but I haven't seen much feedback on that combo. For instance, I don't know if adding an EC20 with the 70-300 would degrade lens performance or IQ, since the 70-300 is an inferior lens to the 50-200. Have you tried using your EC20 with your 70-300? I'd love to see the results of that combo before forking out the cash for an EC14 or EC20.

This I know: I've definitely been bitten by the bird photography bug and I can't help wondering if I'll eventually switch to the 50-200/EC20 combo (or the coveted Bigma) in the near future.

~ Jason

Denjw wrote:

Thanks for the comments. I find that f/8 with 50-200mm SWD + EC2.0 gives me the best results. I generally use ISO 800 unless the light is really good. I am happy with the results I get with this combo. I have the 70-300mm but found I always struggled with lens for birding. Since I got the 50-200 I no longer use the 70-300.

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