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Tastes are different

Vlad S wrote:

MadsR wrote:

Unlikely, since they will most likely keep their current UI As long as they keep the "one wheel is enough to controll everything"

I actually think that the click-wheel that Panasonic has is not any worse than two wheels. I have been using Panasonic since G1 came out, and tried the OM-D. It takes about the same time to press the wheel to switch as it takes to recall what the other wheel does on E-M5.

I put my complaints forward as to my own preferences, and no they are not misplaced, to me the "one wheel to rule them all" is a faulty design... I have tried the Panasonic cameras and I always (I mean always, not just sometimes) change the wrong setting, have to change it back then click and then change again, by the time I am finished, whatever I wanted to shoot is long gone... (Even buildings are torn down in the meantime! :))

"direct buttons doesn't matter"

I don't know where this comes from. They clearly recognize that the buttons do matter. They are just trying to use the buttons to differentiate between different tiers of cameras. After complaints about the G3 you can clearly see that the number of buttons on G5 has been increased.

Well, I can only hope that they put buttons on their cameras again.. The trend have been quite clear so far though (I have not looked at the G5 at all for the same reasons) every new generation of camera had half the amount of buttons of the last...

and "we decide which buttons do what"

Are there cameras that do not place any limitations on the buttons configurations?

Not completely, sadly... But the configuration options on Olympus cameras are quite good IMHO... There are still options I would like that are not there, sure, but so far no camera can accomodate that, so Olympus is the next best thing for me, so far.

Overall, I disagree with your assessment of Panasonic interface. I think it is rather good, and looking at G5 the only thing I wish they put back is a dedicated knob for AF mode and drive mode switch like they had on G2.

You are hereby completely entitled to disagree with any and all of my opinions I don't change them, and I don't expect anyone else to agree with me And my best guess is that this is exactly why there are multiple makers and makes of cameras, that not all people work the same way!

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