Should I get the X100 or the X-E1?

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Re: Should I get the X100 or the X-E1?

Bashar AbdRabbou wrote:

For kids go with a fuji, skin tone skin tone skin tone, and the best auto white balance known to slrs....

I don't agree concerning "the best AWB" known to SLRs. Under (complex) artificial lighting most cameras nowadays still struggle with AWB and most of the time do it wrong. My X100 is no exception, great with natural lighting and very often wrong with artificial lighting. Can't speak for the X-Pro1, only for the X100 though.

But I agree that colors (also skin tones) in general are great and it also has the best JPG engine of any camera I've used up to now. But AWB is not one of it's strong points. Not weak either, just average. But that means having to fiddle around with manual WB or RAW, if the colors should look right under artificial lighting. Nothing special, it's the case with most cameras, just keep in mind that just shooting JPGs without ever thinking about the settings won't suffice in any situation.

Especially for shooting kids, I think using an OM-D with one of it's top prime lenses will give a lot more keepers with pretty much the same quality (and slightly higher resolution). AWB is excellent, I couldn't get it wrong in even the most demanding situation and autofocus is blazingly fast (also manual focus a lot faster and more accurate than with the X100).

The X100 has other strengths, like complete silence, great fill flash, built in ND-filter, etc., but when shooting anything that moves around or when you for some reason have to be fast without fiddling around, there are better alternatives out there.

That said, you can for sure also take awesome shots from your kids with the X100 of course.

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