Need to buy a new camera-I have done my HW

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Re: Need to buy a new camera-I have done my HW

Jimothy H wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm a 1st year photography student at New Zealand. I'm not a pro, so I'd put myself as a beginner.

I currently have a Nikon D80 with a Nikkor 28~70mm f3.5-4.5 & sigma 70~210mm f 4-5.6. Since all my equipments are old, I don't mind to start it fresh-as in change to another camera system.

I'm thinking to upgrade my camera at the end of the year, I have listed my options alone with my thoughts. My budget is about $5500. I want a walk around DSLR and a semi-pro body as well. I hope you guys can help me to decide or give me some comments.

This what I'm looking for (the most important goes on top):
1. Auto focus-how many there are in total and how many of them are cross type

Why is this an issue - are you finding you are missing shots because of focus issues? That could be due to the lenses not having motors(many lenses with motors focus faster and quieter)

2. "Eco-system"
3. Image quality

Whats wrong with the image quality you have with the D80?

4. Ergonomics

What do you dislike about the ergonomics of the D80?

5. Burst rate

Has this been a problem? How many times have you shot a burst since you started? This would direct whether or not you want an enthusiast camera or low end pro model.

6. The specs (mega pixels, number of custom presents you can have...etc)

Megapixels are overated unless you need to crop all the time, or are shooting posters. I would take the 10 MP of my D200 over the 18 MP of new point and shoot cameras every time.

7. Price

1. Sony:

I really like Sony's slt technology. It gives Sony's camera good video capabilities, fast burst rate, fast auto focus. It also has many fancy functions, such as artificial horizon, HDR...etc. They are pretty well priced too.
My problem with Sony cameras are:
1. EVF-It is very troublesome for studio work.

This is the number one reason I would not consider Sony personally. I have an older pro camera because it has a real pentaprism, which I need if I am going to focus manually.

2. Confusing menu.

3. Small "eco system". There is hardly anyone out there that uses Sony. It's very hard to borrow equipments from classmates, friends and family members.

If I do gonna buy Sony gear , they will be A57 and A77. I don't know much about Sony's lenses, so I'm not too sure what to buy yet.

2. Nikon:

Buy a Nikon camera seems like an obvious choice, after all I already have Nikon equipments. I really like how Nikon layout all the buttons and dials, simple menu operations, and superb image quality. It seems like Nikon cameras are cheaper than Canon this year as well.

My biggest concern is the lack of cross type focusing points compare to Sony and Canon. Oh, Nikon doesn't really have f4 lenses neither. Where are they!????

If you are looking at a budget of 5500, you can probably afford a f2.8 lens or two.....

Also the entry level cameras don't have an ISO button nor auto focus motor. I've found that quite annoying. Oh, they can't do video well neither.

You don't seem to want an entry level camera anyway. Your D80 has a auto focus motor and an ISO button, so stick with the enthusiast (D7000) level, or possibly a semi pro like the D300s. D3200 does video pretty well i'm told, not my interest.

If I'm going to buy Nikon's gear...:

D3200 alone with kit lenses + D600 (entry level full frame) alone with kit lenses + SB-900 + 70~200mm f2.8, 50mm prime, 100mm macro + 1.4X extension tube.

Why do you need both - if you want full frame buy the D600, and use your D80 as your backup cam.

3. Canon:

I see Canon as the best compromise between Sony and Nikon. Canon with their new "hybrid sensor" has greatly increase the accuracy of in video auto focus capability. However, it is still not as great as Sony's SLT. It's better than Nikon though.
Canon has better image quality than Sony in low light but worse than Nikon.

Canon is sort of just in between two major camera companies in almost all categories. It's not the best, nor the worst.

The most annoying thing I've found about Canon is their button and dial layout and you sort of have to go me menu to change everything. Why does Canon place their dials in such awkward places?

Unlike Nikon, you can pretty change most of the functions without go through the menu and all the buttons and dials can be reached easily.

Go to a D300s and you can change all you want with buttons and not menus....

Gears I may buy:

650D with 18~135mm STM + Entry level full frame with kit lenses + 70~200mm f2.8 + 580 Mark II + 100mm macro, 50mm and 1.4X extension tube.

So what do you guys think? Right now I'm pretty much waiting for photokina 2012 to make my final decision. However, what do you guys think?

Thank you very much for your time to read this and answer my questions

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