Sony...APS-C RX10 please...

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Re: Sony...APS-C RX10 please...

Catalin Stavaru wrote:

RX10 would ruin the NEX line, especially if it had a 2.5-3x zoom lens which retracts into the body. But I do hope they make it...when the technology will permit to make a pocketable APS-C zoom camera.

I don’t see why it would ruin NEX. The NEX-series will offer interchangeability, use of legacy lenses, and sharing of lenses with Sony A-series. People have whined and complained about NEX not benefitting from its small and light body due to lens, an issue that Sony can address via RX10 and a fixed, pancake zoom lens. In other words, think of NEX-6/7 with a reach that goes a bit farther than kit zoom in a smaller package. That is exactly the idea RX100 brings, against NEX-F3 and even NEX-5N today.

And for Sony, RX10 could even use an MFT sensor, instead of going APS-C. Not having to develop a mount leaves the options wide open. And that may be Sony’s idea with RX-series. Even RX1 is a good example. Even though the sensor is full frame and likely shared with A99, Sony wasn’t limited by lens choices on either A-mount or E-mount. Using A-mount would make RX1 a moot point as it will be pretty much the same size as A99. Using E-mount (if it could be done) would make the body small, but FF lens won’t be small enough (a challenge Sony faces with NEX on APS-C platform). With “forget mount”, it simply has to match the lens to the sensor, or vice versa, and build a small camera around it.
So, here is the idea (I think) Sony is operating on:

DSLR form factor and competition: A-series (SLT)
Compact/light body with interchangeability: NEX-series
Compact/light body with large sensor: RX-series

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