Canon 28mm 1.8 or 15-85 at 28mm?

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Re: Canon 28mm 1.8 or 15-85 at 28mm?

I'm a fan of shooting candid shots, mostly indoors, and flash is just NOT an option if you really want great pics that don't interfere with (or annoy) your subjects. I came to this lens because the EF50mm f/1.8 was just a bit too tight/long for candid pics without stepping back all the time, or settling for face shots only. This 28mm approaches the 'standard' 50mm lens length that shoots pretty much what you see with your eye.

I thought the lens was a bit soft at first, but over time, I've gotten to know it inside and out, and my photos are close to tack-sharp most of the time - even though I rarely shoot above f/2.5 with this. I'll take shooting with this at f/1.8 or f/2.0 over a lens with image stabilization any time. And of course, being a prime (non-zoom) lens means that your pictures are going to be sharper than a zoom lens with IS anyways.

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