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Re: Where are the Trees?? - Massive Deforestation

Digirame wrote:

I've always been fascinated that Ireland and the UK have similar climates to where we live in Oregon. But we have so many more trees. After much reading about the subject, I've discovered that a huge amount of trees were cut down over the centuries. There were also many birch forests in Iceland. There are efforts to plant and cultivate these forests again.

Rothiemurchus Forest in the Cairngorms has never been 'clear felled' and is pretty much unchanged from ancient times.

Deer prevent a lot of regeneration and there have been moves to heavily cull the herds. On many of the trails round Rothiemurchus I've noticed that youngish pine trees are growing alongside the tracks, such that it looks like they've been planted. Further away from the tracks there are few trees and those that are, are mature. I asked a ranger if the trees had been deliberately planted and they said they weren't. I deduced that the deer keep away from the tracks, thus allowing self-set seedlings to grow. Further away any new growth is quickly nibbled.

In the last few years it has been mooted that the reintroduction of wolves into Scotland would keep deer numbers down, but there's strong opposition to the idea!


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