Foliage issues still?

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Re: Let's look at actual images

Chris Dodkin wrote:

borgein wrote:

Not everyone will be affected by it though. For regular use most people won't be affected at all.

I am glad to hear someone admit this - unfortunately the hype around the descriptions of the 'problem', and consistent posting on blogs and this forum, by people who don't even own the camera - do not help potential Fuji owners to get a perspective

Props for stepping up and saying it.

Well the 'problem' isn't really a 'problem'. The Adobe conversions could be better, but for regular use there isn't a 'problem' at all.

That doesn't mean - however - that I am satisfied with how the current version of ACR performs on the X-Trans raw files, compared to Silkypix - in regards to natural looking details and pure resolution.

I am confident that Adobe will improve the support for the X-Trans sensors though, and I am not doing any critical work today anyway. So while the ACR conversions aren't that good today (but good enough for regular use - just not perfect and optimal) - I am sure that in the not too distant future that newer versions of ACR will improve the conversions. And when that happens, my developments and settings will still remain intact in LR and I can just re-export JPEG's or TIFF's and them 'problem' will be gone.

There is absolutely NO REASON not to purchase a camera with the X-Trans sensor however. You have to do some pretty damn big prints which sells for alot of $$ if you're being that critical. And if you're doing that type of work the X-Pro1 or X-E1 probably won't be your first choice anyway, and if you still get one of them - You should have no problems using Silkypix for raw conversions and continue working in LR on the Silkypix tiff's anyway.

Well, that's my opinion.

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