Foliage issues still?

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Re: Let's look at actual images

I wouldn't call this a "foliage issue".

The issue is basically that ACR does not resolve as many details as for example Silkypix or Helicon does. This is especially visible on foliage.

I would say that by using ACR on the raw files you are basically getting the same detail level as if the images was at 8-10mp, whereas with Silkypix you get a real 16mp image with lots of natural details.

8-10mp is fine for desktop/computer/regular printing use however. But saying that there is no problem is just retarded when the issues are proven by MANY people, including reviewers, software developers (even raw decoder developers), photographers, and many more. There are so many articles and so many examples on this that the fact is pretty damn clear.

Not everyone will be affected by it though. For regular use most people won't be affected at all.

But still, when I purchase a 2.5GHz CPU I would actually like to be able to use those 2.5GHz's even though I might not always need it. I don't want to purchase a 2.5GHz cpu which is downclocked and limited to 1.7GHz. It's sort of the same thing.

Hopefully the future CaptureOne support will put Adobe to shame, just like Silkypix does today.

I will still continue to use LR4 though. But Adobe absolutely needs to put some more effort into the X-Trans decoding algorithms.

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