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Re: Oly´s best Formula

peevee1 wrote:

IcanHazPics wrote:

Kevdog wrote:

For me, there are only a few improvements needed to make the XZ-2 a great cam:

  • Improve the video quality and fix the focus hunting issue

  • Allow the noise reduction to be set to low in cam, or reduce the standard setting to match the low setting

  • Newer sensor tech to give another stop or 2 of ISO performance

[...] if an XZ-2 came out with the above features, I'd highly recommend it to friends and family!

Aye, I agree with the above, but I'll need the following to upgrade to a XZ-2...


  • Crucial: good back-lit CMOS sensor, same MP & same size or just a tad bigger (this is a P&S, not a DSLR or m4/3)

  • Higher resolution screen (920k dot) - tilt would be nice but only if it doesn't make the camera bigger.

  • SAME LENS! If possible push the optical zoom to 5x, but not if it compromises the lens performance or IQ


Price : no more than $550!

Wonderful, you can buy Panasonic LX7 today for $499, and it even has f/1.4.

Other than the shorter zoom, it does pretty much hit every point on my whish list. Add to that the fact that the LX5, contrary to the XZ-1, actually did receive significant firmware updates, and that LX7 is getting more and more interesting...

You make a very compelling case for the LX7, and after having a look at the preview, I must say the controls of the LX7 speak to me more than the XZ-1's current layout... I'm eagerly waiting for the official review.

peevee1 wrote:

How Oly is going to sell what you propose for 550?

You mean it's $50 too expensive? Make it $500 then!

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