Recommend three fast primes for MFT to cover wide-to-tele?

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Re: you missed something

Since 2007 I have photographed live music on Olympus cameras. I have since seen many iterations of people walking in with all sorts of ideas.

I can clearly state that IS doesn't help!!! A fast lens provides a much better shot and primes tend to be sharper.
High ISO is useful but only gets you so far before noise takes over.

Flash... where do I start. Its unflattering if its pop-up flash, spoils the mood unless controlled properly and can annoy others. I have used flash at some events, usually dialled down as much as possible and kept the shutter speed to capture the natural/artificial.
Larger sensors... yes better high ISO but you still need that fast lens.

I agree completely with locke42, fast primes are the best way forward. Speed and quality improves with primes, not to mention a f/2.8 prime 17mm can be had for a fraction of the cost of a f/2.8 zoom.

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