RX1, what people don't seem to get...

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Re: RX1, what people don't seem to get...

summary so far:

it's brilliant!
no it's rubbish!
no the best ever!
no it's absolutely pointless!
it's what I need!
it's missing what I need!
it's not that expensive for what it is!
you can buy a D800 at that price!
it's small
it's not pocketable
great lens! I love it!
fiked focal lens non interchangeable I hate it
Great, there will be optional EVF or OVF
no integrated viewfinder! what nonsense!

My take on it:

I want one but can barely afford it, and I am not sure the gain vs my X100 will be enough too justify it. Using the X100 I guess i am in that niche in terms of use, unfortunately not really in terms of budget.

I will wait to see how it is performing before I make up my mind and start saving the money for it!

intereting times though , with many options all over, enough so every one can find the "perfect" camera for his/her use....


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