Sonys new RX1 sort of X100ish..

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Re: Sonys new RX1 sort of X100ish..

I think it looks great, and the body size (matching the GX1) is astonishing.

For years I've been on and off of these forums asking why FF sensors can't be put in small bodies, and why the size FF lenses can't equal their film-era equivalents and I've constantly been told it wasn't realistic, or it couldn't be done. I'm glad Sony don't agree.

I don't understand the "Full Frame is over-rated" argument, it's pretty clear to me - Fuji has demonstrated with the X series just how far technology has been able to push the APS-C format, but the point is with a larger sensor physically you can always brute force higher performance - this is something that's governed by physics just as much as it is technology.

Look at the resolution and noise performance Fuji have gotten out of a 20mm sensor, and then imagine what they could do if they were given one that 1.5x as much surface space.

Sony have gotten a larger sensor in a smaller body - why would you insist on an APS-C sensor?

The Sony RX1 is too expensive, and too niche for my tastes (agree with the lack-of-viewfinder comments also) but the technology on display here is ground breaking - and who knows what this could lead to?

An x100-sized interchangeable lens variant- which accepts adapted lenses with Focus peaking?

Yes please.

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