Question - AA Filter or Not?

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Question - AA Filter or Not?

Hi all, fewer and fewer good people here.

Pentax thought it’s a good idea to tackle low light AF performance in their newly refreshed k5 ll and their attempt looks quite serious on paper. I wouldn’t think the previous k5 had no electronic level, which is very useful - seems it's now coming with new camera. I like their k5 ll approach and it somewhat lifts hopes and expectations for dx moves on the Nikon’s side.

I was pondering recently on AA filter yes or not as I may be getting fx cameras and the d800 is for one or both options here as well if d600 disappoints but that's a different thing. I retested several times my long term view to choose from options a sensor with AA filter in operation and it’s still my view. I didn’t create it from reading on web. I don’t like the aliasing affects in rendering and don’t mean just the moiré but also the crunchiness and false detail - of which degree and kind varies with application (include sizes) - being more unwelcome artefacts to me than a gain in today’s imaging. I can perfectly understand others opting for this option and look but for me it’s not adding natural detail and does more harm on this level. This obviously is a personal view but something one has to go through deciding with what he/she wants to work.

My thinking here is a little different when it comes to dx. Dx format contains generally less quality files compared to fx in absolute terms and I feel the aliasing will not be that bad whereas the gain will transfer more into real detail improvement. So it’s my gut feeling and a bit also observations that dx could actually benefit more (aside the moire).

Web is full of strong, definite and quite bigoted positions re this (as usual with similar polarities) I am curious what you think, prefer or lean toward. I am not if-maybe-like-to-know-everyday-anything-for-sake-of-nothing-person, in fact these give me a headache to filter out on the forums but it is very well possible Nikon will offer a dx camera with an option cancelling the AA filter effect, the more so after Pentax have done so.

So how did you sort out this dilemma for you. I am interested in opinions here and can imagine it can be good and interesting for all of us.

Link to Joe Cornish tests and opinions may be an interesting addition for interested

adding a link to Russ’ recent post on fx forum with a brief summary on above topic

you will find majority "web inhabitants" fascinated by removing AA filter effect. You will also find experienced photographers and great personas that will opt for no AA filter and possibly recommend it - and the other way round. so need for one’s own opinion is imo as well-founded as always.

-Filter or not?


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