Why the RX1 is too expensive

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Re: Why the RX1 is too expensive

Your comparison between the two cameras is wrong, those are not comparable.

Look at the Fuji X100 it was a fixed lens camera, 28mm lens (42mm ff eq) 2.0 lens.
Cost at launch $ 1200,--

At the same time there were APS ILC at half the price with better sensor, the same lens lens quality etc. But theFuji did sell not to bad.

There is a market for fixed lens cameras and people are willing to pay more for that.

Then lets compare prices of the APS Nikon camera with the same brand APS camera:
The D3200 (24mp sensor) is $700 with a lens.
The full frame D800 is $3000,-- that is > 4 times the price, Body only!

Even when the cheapo FF Nikon comes at $1500, that still is 2.5 more expensive then the 3200 without lens (considering the kit lens costs about $100)

So when comparing the Fuji x100 with the RX1 the price is not that bad (2.5 times the $1200 equals the price of the Sony RX1 price. and we forget that the lens for the RX1 is full frame...

Yes there is no VF on the RX,1 but you get the FF sensor, 24 MP, FF lens etc.

So I think the price is right (When this rumor is true). Will I buy it? NO $2800 is way to much for a camera for me. But others will have more $$ to spend and may like this camera better...

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