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My advice to you is to take less as possible. When I went on m honeymoon last year I took my Nikon D90 + 17-105mm 3.5f (standard lens), + wireless remote (THIS IS A MUST), Tripod (Gorilla) + Tripod (bought a better tripod on my last destination on my holiday).

First of all, I went to 3 different countries. Dubai, Seychelles, and Singapore.

The remote is a must. If you plan to take pictures with you both in it you would want to have a remote so you don't have to run around when putting the timer on. I bought one for £10 of amazon.co.uk . I was using a gorilla tripod in Dubai, Seychelles which worked out great as it was able to be placed anywhere I wanted it to. When I got to Singapore I was tempted to buy a bigger tripod. This is a great investment but annoying carrying around. Try to take a lens that you can zoom, this will save you time packing different prime lens.

I found that when traveling with my Nikon it was annoying as it was heavy. At the time I had wished I had bought a mirrorless cam due to it being easy to take around. But looking back at the picture quality I am happy that I took my Nikon as the results were great.

Only down fall on the honeymoon is that your wife will get annoyed as you'll most likely take it everywhere and take pictures of everything. I had that issue but got around it by giving the cam to my wife and letting her take pictures which she loved. And I got her into photography during the honeymoon. No more complaining from her.

Out of your options I would choose number 3. But make sure you insure your camera due to the value as most travel insurance won't cover.

I hope this was helpful.

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