V2 coming out at Photokina with better sensor

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Re: V2 coming out at Photokina with better sensor

Jared Huntr wrote:

balchinian wrote:

Name one good reason why Nikon would release a barely-upgraded J2 that doesn't address any of the shortcomings in sensor quality after new compact cameras (Sony RX100) are able to produce better quality?

It's getting to the point that when someone in a dpr forum holds up the RX100 as some sort of benchmark that all others have to 'beat', I think to myself...

... this guy really doesn't have a wholistic view of the photographic and picture taking process or quite simply, "he/she doesn't get it".

I don't think they are trolls or that it is intentional. It's just that they can't help it because they simply have a narrow-minded view of photography.

I have had a lot of cameras and have got a great 'buzz' out of the latest camera tech. I could never afford the best of Nikon or Canon but I have not exactly skimped on a purchase either. I've had a V1 for a while now and have never fully understood the negative reviews that it has been given. As far as I am concerned it has produced files that are every bit the equal of my old D300s with a good lens on the front. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the latitude available for adjustments in RAW and the dynamic range that again I did not expect so much of.

The metering is WONDERFUL and it can focus very quickly in good light.

I will by another camera...maybe soon.. I am not brand loyal...I am NOT V1 loyal. BUT... it is very good at what it does, such a diminutive package that produces a great result.
That's it...that's my 'real-world' experience.

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