help sell me on the A99

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Re: help sell me on the A99

I have a Sony A55. I bought the Carl Zeiss 2470 and 135mm Alpha lenses two years ago in preparation for the next Sony FF that didn't materialize in 2011. Now it's on the horizon, it appears it is geared to the video. Rumour's abound that the Sony FF 36mp due in 2013 and if it's anything like what I have seen with the Nikon D800 it will be pretty impressive. Aaahhhhh The wait is never ending....

In essence, I have the lenses for the Full Frame but now decisions decisions depending on the tests over the next couple of weeks with the A99. Heart says go for the 24mp and suck up to the video, but head says wait for the 36mp (because of what I have seen in the Nikon D800 - ......besides the obvious 'apples and pears' comments about the Nikon D800.

I love my lenses and the careful plan has turned out to be a very long wait. Saga continues.

....I could sell them all and settle for a much lighter 'prime' in the new (tomorrow announced RX1). Gain mobility (in the street and on holiday) but lose ...zoom? ....unless I again wait for the 2013 36mp...or maybe the 2014 super duper next thing.

Question is. Is it worth waiting for the Full Frame of my choice with the amazing Sony 2470 & 135mm Carl Zeiss Alpha's or give up on Full frame, sell and go for more compact which is where the market is going......Sort of rhetorical but any comments would be appreciated.

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