Save 50% on new lens prices in USA

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Save 50% on new lens prices in USA

This is a new development that looks pretty interesting.

"How to save around 50% on Pentax lenses in the US

If you want to secure low prices on Pentax lenses in the US and don't live in NYC, call Adorama at 800-815-0664 / 646-758-8887 or B&H at 877-849-6359 / 212-502-6343 rather than ordering online. You'll be able to get lenses at pre-MAP prices, with the instant rebates in effect on top of that.

For example, the Pentax 16-50mm is $804.95 on the phone rather than $1421.95 online.

Apparently, the Pentax pricing restrictions are for online sales only. I've confirmed this personally with B&H, and they've also told me that they are working to stop this madness, as it's virtually halting online lens sales."

clipped from the other forum.

Hope this helps most of us out here. Great news if this pans out. Let us know what you guys find on purchases as this helps everyone.


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