Recommend me a 27" display...

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Re: Recommend me a 27" display...

Be careful not to order the Thunderbolt Display unless you have TB ports.

I'm almost certain I read that you can't connect it unless you do. Maybe there's a converter, I don't know if it will be the same quality.

I too am looking into this and the 27" NEC MultiSync PA271W. But at $1600+ (B&H) I'm probably going to do the non TB version of the Apple. Same cost at $1k.

The image quality from what I read is lovely, and the biggest gripe is that there are no controls on the monitor itself for adjustments, however I've always done great with my '06 23" ACD and the Spyder II which does all the calibration for me, and you just use the new profile.

The new Spyders look good at between $150-$250, don't reallty know if the Elite is even necessary??

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