Beware Ken Rockwell's "reviews" of the X-E1 and new lenses

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Beware Ken Rockwell's "reviews" of the X-E1 and new lenses

I found (from the fuji-xpro1 page) the links to Ken Rockwell's X-E1 page and his pages for the 18-55mm and 14mm lenses a few days ago. He was still in the process of editing them before before he linked them to the home page. (It turns out that it is easy to guess the URL he will publish future "reviews" at, because the URL is just the product name.)

Interestingly, he makes a reference to "my X-E1" on his X-E1 page, but this is actually just copy/pasted word-for-word from his X-Pro1 page, replacing "my X-Pro1" with "my X-E1." Obviously, that means he must have an X-E1, right?

It seems he just copy/pasted the X-Pro1 page to the X-E1 page, did a find & replace "X-Pro1" with "X-E1," and then added some "insight" that anybody who's read about the X-E1 online could write based on published information. You can see that many paragraphs of the X-E1 page are word-for-word identical to his X-Pro1 page, except for the references to the product name. Similarly, the pages for the 18-55mm and 14mm lenses were copy/pasted from his page on the 60mm lens, and then corrected it, seemingly from publicly-available information. This was pretty apparent because he had not done the find/replace parts yet when I first read the pages, and he hadn't replaced the details of the 60mm lens with the details of the new lenses yet.

There's absolutely nothing about these new products on his pages that I couldn't have easily written myself, and I've never been anywhere near any of these new products yet.

Notice on the pages for the new lenses, there are supposed to be sample photos, but there are none. Also, the text and labels match his review of the 60mm lens. And, the link to the 18-55mm lens page actually points to the 14mm lens page.

This is what sucks about many camera websites today. You can't trust them. Too many people are trying to be "first post" and SEO their page to the top of Google search results, and get links from forums like this and other places, so that people buy these products through the referral links from their junk page. That's how they make money.

Meanwhile, the people who actually wait until they've tried the product so that they can actually test it and actually give first-hand information get crowded out because they're too late and because they don't have the same level of "reputation."

I do not mind the "rumor" pages so much, because they are being pretty transparent about what they do, and they try to cite sources and/or otherwise admit they don't have first-hand experience with the products.

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