Why the RX1 is too expensive

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I disagree in 2 short paragraphs

Anadrol wrote:

If you buy the Fuji X-E1 + the soon to come 23mm f1.4, it will cost you about 1700 USD and you have the possibility to change lenses.

The RX1 sensor surface is about 2.38X bigger than APS-C but the Fuji f1.4 lens gathers twice the light, so the IQ will be about the same.

That's over simplifying IQ... but if the FF sensor offers performance similar to a 5D MKIII or a D4 then the RX1 will probably be pretty clean through ISO 6400 or 12800, the X-Pro1 isn't bad to ISO1600 - and I expect that's about where the X-E1 will be good to. So even with a faster lens on the Fuji the RX1 will have at least 1-2 stops of an advantage over it (3+ if the RX1 sensor is as good as the one in the 5D MKIII).

As for the rest of what makes up IQ, we'll just have to wait until tests are done and test shots are released. I'll still bet on the Sony to come out on top. I do really like the X-E1 more so than the EOS-M (which I also like) or OMD (which I don't like). IMO the XPro1 isn't as good as my NEX-7; So I doubt the X-E1 will do better than a FF Sony that will likely be even better than my NEX-7.

The RX1 advantage is that it's smaller though, 24MP give a bit more details, and the Fuji 23mm won't be available before 2013.

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