Inexpensive printer that scans decently

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Re: Inexpensive printer that scans decently

pcm81 wrote:

Usually refillable cartridges are designed for printers which are:
1. expasive
2. can not have the OEM carts refilled easily...

For cheap officejet pinter, i think refilling OEMs is the only way...

These remarks really puzzled me since third party refillable cartridges are available for virtually every printer in the Epson lineup, from the "expensive" ones all the way down to the cheapest home printer.

It hasn't really been practical to refill Epson OEM carts for quite some time now since the refillable carts have gotten so inexpensive and are made specifically for this purpose. Ten years ago, re-using an OEM cart was really the only choice. But for some time now, refillable third party carts have been available that only require a few minutes to pop out, refill, and pop back in. The chips even re-set themselves.

My wife uses an aging Epson Workforce 500 and an NX300, both purchased for under $5 in a thrift store because their owners probably because either didn't want to buy expensive replacement OEM carts, or they thought the print heads clogged. I cleaned them, popped in some cheap third party refillable carts, and they've been working great for several years now. Both are inexpensive all-in-ones, with the Workforce being a little bit heavier duty to the NX line's intended home use.

Re-using OEM carts also typically involves drilling holes, which can introduce plastic debris into the system. Plus, they are not designed to vent once opened up like refillable carts, and thus may be more prone to air bubbles and ink coagulation. And again, there's the chip re-setting issue.

I'm not advocating a particular brand, mind you. I just have particular experience with Epson all-in-ones and refillable carts. Regardless of brand, any printer I'd buy for a teenager today would need to be able to use re-fillable carts. Twenty bucks on ebay would keep a sophomore in high school printing like crazy until they go off to college.

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