RX1, what people don't seem to get...

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Sony is on to something

I had been asking for a digital version of the Olympus XA or Minox GL. Full-frame, fast fixed prime, top-notch image quality & ultra compact. Then add a built-in flash, because I don't want to carry around 2 pieces.

An EVF/OVF will increase the camera size, so I am not interested. Interchangeable lenses will get in the way of having a precisely matched sensor-lens combo, as well as increase the camera size, so I am not interested.

It is too early to tell if the RX1 is such a camera, but it does look that way. If so, I will definitely be buying one.

harry cannoli wrote:

Don't forget my favorite. Whenever I wasn't carrying around my A-1, I had one of these in my pocket. My little OLY XA


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