A99 with XLR interface means that's really a PRO V-SLT cam!

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Re: A99 with XLR interface

I have spent 30 years working with broadcast video cameras with XLR inputs. I have added several DSLR type cameras to my studio equipment. We often add an external audio recorder (Samson H4n) to a camera rig for back-up recording. In either (2) channel or (4) channel record mode, the Samson feeds the mic input of our Sony A65. We recently added the tiny JuicedLink 44 PreAmp 2 channel mixer in place of the Samson and record directly to the Sony. We get a considerably cleaner audio signal (lower noise floor) this way. We feed a wireless and/or shotgun mic into the preamp. The JuicedLink works it's magic by feeding a constant audio signal to the right channel of the Sony stereo input. It works great! You can Google JuicedLink for all kinds of video tech tests and related info. I have attached a couple of pictures of this setup without being mounted on a rig.

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