S100 after 2nd repair

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I would doubt it... I don't know of any company aside from car mfg's who give that much detail. And the car makers certainly don't want to be up front with their numbers, probably a government mandate as they can result in deaths otherwise.

And I'm like you, although my s/n is not in the range, after hearing of some people outside of hte range with the issue, I'm now sort of in fear for important events now as well

panamforeman wrote:

I'm curious! How many cameras within the affected serial # range have been sent in for repair? Will Canon ever tell us?

My S100 in within the affected range, and I keep waiting for it to give the error msg. I wish the darn thing would go ahead and break so I can get this over with. Every time I'm taking pics I'm cringing, "is it going to break now?" I'm using the S100 every day now trying to get it to break. It won't do it! So instead one taking one camera with me everyday I take two. (G1X)\

Canon is causing me mental anguish!

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